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We would like to thank you for visiting our site. As we already mentioned we do not have any US based online bookmakers currently listed on our site. If you are looking to place bets legally in the US, we recommend you checking some of the below resources. Also don’t forget to check our our selection of best betting systems and strategies for September, 2021.

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Check out the Top Betting Systems for September:



Betting Gods – 2 Free Tips!


Betting Gods are one of the most popular sports betting systems. It’s a tipster-based system, where you can get betting tips from actual punters. The system allows you to see who their top-performing bettors are and on which sports. You can find tips on sports like horse racing, football, basketball, greyhound racing, and more. Betting Gods provides 2 free betting tips per month, alongside a trial version when you subscribe for any of their expert bettors. When you visit the profile of any of them, you can see their results since they’ve joined the Betting Gods, how their profits change over time, as well as the overall performance and betting attitude.

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The Betting Club – Top Tipsters Daily


The Betting Club is another one of the popular betting systems. The Club sources and shortlists betting tipsters to give you access to their betting suggestions. When you sign up for The Betting Club, which is free, you’ll start receiving tips on a daily basis via your email. The service sources them and sends them directly to you. Whether or not you choose to follow those tips is entirely up to you. You also have the opportunity to sign up directly for the services of the tipsters. In that case, if you’ve become a pro-member of The Betting Club, you might score discounts for the given services. If you stick only with The Betting Club, according to the available information, you’ll receive between 10 and 20 tips per day.

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Draft Dashboard – Data Driven Software


Draft Dashboard is a Daily Fantasy Lineup optimizer. It will compile players’ data and any relevant trends related to a certain player in order to create projections. In other words, this is data-driven software, not involved with tipster of any kind. The generated data and reached conclusions are used for the lineup optimization tool. Draft Dashboard is a color-coded, user-friendly software with a responsive interface. This is one of the most comprehensive and user-friendly Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) software solutions you can find online. Some of the sports you can find are NFL Football, NBA Basketball, NHL Hockey, and MLB Baseball. The most powerful feature of the Draft Dashboard is the Lineup Optimizer.



ZCode System – 80+ Parameters in Place


The ZCode System is said to be one of the most powerful tools for sports betting online, promising efficient betting that focuses on amassing profits, instead of fretting over the win rate. Its creators push to the side the concept that the win rate is the most important factor. Instead, they utilize a complex betting algorithm that, in theory, should be able to compensate for a lower win rate with long-term results. The system is applicable to 10 sports, including horse racing and e-sports, and it takes into consideration 80 parameters to come out with a viable prediction. The algorithm makes value-based forecasts, meaning they try not to simply advise you on a sure win but with low returns, but on bets that work in favor of long-term results.



Sports Cash System – Focused on Long Term Results


The Sports Cash System has its own proprietary wagering system in place. It’s focused on long-term results with multiple bets over time. Every day, users of the Sports Cash System are provided with events on which to bet, with all the information needed to make the necessary bet. These predictions and betting suggestions are based on the analysis of tons of data to pick suitable bets with high-winning odds. But it’s not all about the forecast algorithm used. The whole idea behind the Sports Cash System is to reinvest whatever returns you make. That’s why the system is said not to be suitable for small-time bettors who like to make a bet here and there, from time to time.

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Strike Rate Racing – Professional Horse Racing Tipsters


For all the horse betting lovers out there, the Strike Rate Racing is a dedicated tipster system established by a team of professional horse racing tipsters. The team analyzes current data and conditions that might affect any race you’re eyeing to bet on, on a daily basis. From Tuesday to Saturday, subscribers will receive up to 4 quality tips on a daily basis at 11.00 am UK time, at the latest, since the team itself is based out of London. Specific instructions are being sent out – how to use the picks and what to do with them. And, if by chance, you’re unhappy with the service you’ve received, you have a 60-day money-back guarantee.


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