Why It Isn’t Coming Home?

Why it isnt coming

It never came home; instead, the Italians killed England’s ecstatic euro 2020 dreams, ending England’s Wembley party in a cruel manner with a penalty shootout defeat in the finals.

As the Italian team cried, kissed, danced, and sang in the sparkling tape, it was a false dawn for the English.

Although England was brimming with expectation and hope, the Italians had the final word and used it perfectly.

So, as the Italians have already taken 2 European championships to add to their 4 World Cup triumphs, it’s now 56 years since England lifted a trophy.

It was just a bit of bad luck that England met an inspired Italian team whose experience perfectly countered the UK’s sometimes-weak spots.

However, for England, it started brightly with England taking the lead after Luke Shaw’s superb goal, but they then found themselves in a tight position after the Italians scored an equalizer.

For the promise and giddy excitement that the youthful England team had come with, the game came down to the last few minutes with England’s youngsters not rising to the occasion when the stakes were pretty high. Whether the Bukayo Saka, Marcus Rashford, or Jadon Sancho should have made their mark from the spot-kicks, but it never worked.

The dream was over the moment these three missed in the penalty shootouts.

Sport, especially football has over the years been accused of overstressing its ability to influence society. However, overblown as it might be, to propose these soccer players have united a country that’s riven by social and political disharmony, they’ve played with joy that has greatly lifted the spirits of Britons still deeply divided after BREXIT, and split with how the government handled the coronavirus pandemic.

A flashback to the late 1970s when England’s footballers had to remain at home and watch the likes of Australia, Zaire, and Haiti compete at the world cup finals because they hadn’t qualified are long gone as are the most recent times when playing for the UK seemed like an ordeal that needed to be avoided instead of honor to joy.


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