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Do you have a passion for sports? And does it go right alongside a talent for the written word? Then we’d love for you to share your gifts with us!

We welcome writers with an interest for various sports, such as the ones we’ve listed below. But if you are interested in pitching an idea to us, there are a handful of guidelines that we’d rather you keep in mind.

  1. Here at FAW we receive well over 50 enquiries per week, so it gets busy. But we do make the effort to respond to every writer who took the time to contact us.
  2. As long as your posts are interesting and genuinely have something to tell readers, we will welcome your well-written work with open arms.
  3. We will appreciate it greatly if you took the time to carefully read the guidelines below before submitting your pitch.

Like what you read? Then please send us your idea to [email protected] or by the form below.



Please check the below categories to make sure that your proposed post fits into at least one of them. We will not accept submissions that do not fit the topics we specialize in, so we kindly ask you to respect that.

Topics may include but don’t necessarily have to be limited to:

  • Football
  • Tennis
  • E-Sports
  • Sports
  • Olympics
  • Horse Racing


How to Write For Us, Tutorial Content and Guides

Our editor’s team reviews dozens of new pitches from writers on a daily basis. And sadly, a large portion of the pitches we receive don’t make the cut for a number of reasons.

Some of the reasons include not being relevant to the site’s format, style or featured topics. Other reasons why we do not accept pitches is when they are on a subject that has already been covered numerous times. If you’d like to touch on something that’s been discussed before, please let us know how your take will be different from everything that is already out there.

Desirable features of your article are:

Unique viewpoint

As mentioned, nobody likes to read the same boring old article that’s been rewritten a thousand times. And no, passing Copyscape doesn’t necessarily mean you haven’t plagiarized someone else’s work. We prize content that is unique and offers a different perspective.

Be qualified

Being a sports fan is great. But that alone does not make you qualified to provide competent reviews, news story coverage and other sports-related content on our site. Ideally, we would like to see a background in sports and/or in sports journalism or writing.

We do not want our readers to feel like we have wasted 10, 15 or even only 5 minutes of their valuable time. What we want is that by the end of their article, they feel like it has enriched them in some way. Your post should be interesting, insightful and should let the reader feel like they have gained something useful from it.

Content is king, but so are our readers. Therefore, we kindly ask that you respect the time and attention of our readers and only provide quality writing as per our provided guidelines.

You can send us your idea to [email protected] or by the form below.

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